About Us
Forrest Nash founded Contemporary Art Daily way back in 2008 and now leads the organization. As much as possible, he focuses on thinking about artists and future projects, but he has lots of other responsibilities too. They include: all the design and coding for our projects, fundraising and development, refining our various processes to be more efficient, and making sure everyone involved is happy. 

Bryce Dwyer organizes and oversees the multiple operations we carry out every day to keep the organization running. Bryce and Forrest both work on strategic planning for the organization and collaborate on the curatorial direction of Contemporary Art Quarterly. Working with an archivist, he also coordinates the research and organization of the massive trove of materials we collect for Quarterly. 

Brook Sinkinson Withrow manages the production of Daily. She is responsible for requesting and receiving exhibition documentation to ensure that our coverage is comprehensive and that all the shows we consider get a fair shot. She communicates with artists, venues and press companies to make sure that artists' preferences are prioritized whenever applicable. She handles the editorial schedule, collating our research to finalize Daily selections. When not working on Daily, she sends correspondence related to Quarterly archives and uploads materials for both upcoming and released archives.